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The WEB PAGE advantage . . .

  • Web pages are easily modified without the expense of reprinting thousands of brochures.
  • When customers view your site they are already interested in your product or service as compared to random mailing.
  • The success of your web page is easily tracked.
  • Advertising by web page may very well be the best use of your advertising dollar.
  • You can quickly and easily change prices and update information.
  • Doing business from the Web saves time, reduces paper waste, and requires fewer employees.
  • More and more people each day use the web as their first choice for shopping, seeking services, planning vacations, or seeking a new place to relocate their family or business.


Our Web Team can build your site from the initial concept to the final product. Or if you have an existing page that needs updating or maintenance, we would be glad to give you an estimate. Your page can be as simple as a 1 or 2 page document or as complex as a multi-page document with links to other documents and systems.

Our Web Development package includes Web design, promotions & advertising, planning & virtual server hosting. OmniArk Web Services can create, host and maintain an affordable Internet presence for your company.

Sure you have questions. . . so feel free to contact us.

We will be glad to be of service!

OmniArk Web Services
Cell: 479-234-6134
E-Mail: kelsey.mike@gmail.com

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